Past Productions

May2023Blithe Spirit
May2022And Then There Was One / And Then There Was One Too
November2021Sleeping Beauty
April2020You Only Live Twice – sadly cancelled due to pandemic
November2019Play On!
April2019Laughter in the Dark
February2018Ali Baba
February2017Beauty and the Beast
July2017Shrektacular – Junior Players
January2016Jack and the Beanstalk
June2016Variety Show
April2014War! What is it Good For
November2014Trivial Pursuit
April2013A Night at the Races  fund raising
June2013HMS Trefoil
November2013Tiptoe through the Tombstones
March2012Murder Mystery Dinner at Steeple Ashton
April2012Oh! What a Jubilee
November2012Up Pompeii
May2011Death on the Prom
November2011Lucky for Some
April2010Old Actors Never Die
December2010Robin Hood – The Truth Behind the Green Tights
April2009The French Connection
November2009Mystery at Greenfingers
April2008Come Cruise with Us
November2008Bird in the Hand
June 2007Toe in the Water
November2007Pardon me Prime Minister
November2006Murder at the Gables
April2005Blithe Spirit
November2005Laugh, I nearly went to Miami
April2004Wine & Cheese with Gosfort’s Fete and Ladies this is War
November2004An Autumn Trilogy
May2003A Tomb with a View
November2003Fish out of Water
April2002Murder Mystery Dinner at Dilton Marsh
June2002Summer Sketches for the Jubilee
November2002Not Now Darling
April2001A 20’s Evening
November2001An Evening of One Act Plays
April2000Back to Nought
November2000Holiday Snap
April 1999A 40’s Evening
November1999Flying Feathers
March1998A Medieval Evening
November 1998Panic Stations
April1997A Murder Mystery dinner
November 1997Lucky for Some
April1996Saturday Night Live
November1996What Shall we do with the Body and Caught on the Hop